Our members are dedicated to supporting and promoting the achievement of women in the arts of the table and fostering excellence through educational and charitable activities.

To date, we've donated over $1,250,000.00 in endowments, scholarships, and grants! 

Our first endowment of $5,000.00 was to the culinary program at El Centro, one of the Dallas County Community Colleges. With money raised from fundraising events, the Dallas Chapter of LDEI now has $415,000.00 in permanent endowments, supports a fine beverage library at El Centro, and annually awards money to diverse projects that support the goals of our organization.  

Please note the following testimony from one of our recipients, Chef Leslie Moore:


"I was a scholarship recipient of your organization in the late 80's while attending the culinary program at El Centro. Lately I have been relecting on those years and realize I could not have stayed in school but for your scholarship money. It was very timely, to say the least. Thank you so much for enabling me to have a culinary education which has been the foundation of my Private Chef career here in Dallas. It has been a great ride! Thanks again for your kindness and generosity."

-Leslie Moore, Scholarship Recipient


Scholorships Available


The Dolores Simmons Snyder Scholarship in Nutritional Science
The University of Texas at Austin  


El Centro College, Dallas County Community Colleges


The University of Houston




The University of North Texas




Texas Tech University




Dallas, Collin, Grayson and Tarrant Counties Endowment through Communities Foundation




Endowed Presidential Fellowships in American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin